System State

Quick Backup can backup your Windows Computer or Server System State!

What is the purpose of taking System State backup?
System state backup creates a backup file for critical system related components. This backup file can be used to recover the critical system components after a crash, failed windows update or fail driver installation.

Microsoft Windows Server System State Backup
The Windows System State contains the information about your Windows System, including Windows Active Directory. A Microsoft Exchange Server stores some of its configuration, e.g. email accounts and mailbox properties, inside Windows Active Directory. It is important that Windows Active Directory is backed up properly when backing up a Microsoft Exchange Server.

Active Directory is stored inside a Windows Server running as Windows domain controller. If your Exchange Server is a domain controller, you can simply backup the Windows System State of your Exchange Server. If your Exchange Server is running as a member server, you will need to install another copy of Quick Backup client onto the domain controller to backup the Windows System State of the domain controller.

How frequent should a system state backup taken?
A System State Backup should take place before each major system update or driver update and regularly at least once a week.


To perform a Windows System State backup, please make sure the following requirements are met:

Windows System State will be backed up to a temporary directory before it is sent to Quick Backup. Please make sure you have sufficient space on your computer to store the temporary directory when you run the backup job.

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