Restoring Data

Restoring data is easy, but if you need help just give us a call we are always happy to help you get your data back.

We have 3 methods to restore your backed up data:

Restoration using the backup software

Click Restore to begin restoration wizard











The most common method of restoring data is via the backup client software, you simply need to click restore and choose the backupset to restore from, the data you want to restore and when you want to restore it from and finally where you want to restore it.

Quick Backup Web Portal

Customer Login Portal








This is another way for you to recover necessary files, simply logon to the portal using your username and password and recover the files you need. You can also use this option to download necessary files from our backup server to your computer that does not have the client installed.

A great feature of the Web Portal is remote access – Anytime, Anywhere all you need is you login credential and a web browser.

You can all access useful features such as:

Local restoration from a “local Copy” backup (If applicable)

Configuring local copyClick decrypt icon to start local copy decryption process






If you have been performing an additional “Local Backup” you can restore you data from this backup. As this data is encrypted and compressed you’ll need to install the backup software and use this to recover the data. The backup software will ask for location of the local backup and the encryption key to decrypt and decompress the data during the restoration.

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"With Quick Backup we get a fast, professional response, and best of all, peace of mind, knowing they can handle any issue that comes up so we do not have to worry about our Backup."

Sharon, Executive Assistant - Woodbine Inc.


"As a data recovery expert I know the cost of recovering data can be very expensive as it is often a time consuming process, I recommend my customs don't make the same mistake twice and recommend they talk to the experts at Quick Backup to setup a reliable backup process for their business."

Adrian Apswoude, Director - Data Hero