Network and Local Backup

Quick Backup can backup your local data and your network data!

Backup and restore network local data and network drives, select individual folders or complete network drives. If something happens to your server, you can restore the whole backed up network of a particular data to its original server. Alternatively you can manually restore the components of network backup, e.g. folders or files from a selected time from your backup.

How to select your data from backup

On the basic backup source selection dialog, you can select directories that are commonly selected as backup source for backup:

Select files to backup - Simple











Click on [Advanced] button to access the advanced backup source dialog to select other files and directories for backup.

Select files to backup - Advanced















Advanced Backup Source

The checkbox beside a root drives, directory or file can be in one of the following mode:

Network Backup Requirements

For backup of network shared drive, you need to specify a Windows domain account for the backup client application with sufficient permission to access the network location (by default, the backup application services run as Local System, which does not have permission for accessing network resource).


Menu Items



Input box for entering domain of the Windows domain account.

User Name

Input box for entering username of the Windows domain account.


Input box for entering password of the Windows domain account.

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