How to Restore

Restoring data from Quick backup is very easy and we’re always happy to help.

You can choose to restore a single deleted file to the same location or restore a complete network drive to a new server; the Quick Backup client software is very powerful and easy to use.
You can restore deleted data from weeks ago or just an over written file from yesterday.
With Advanced search and filter features you can search the backed up data on the Quick Backup servers and restore filtered searched data results you have specified.

Basic stages of a restore are outlined below:

Restore data from the client software or the Quick Backup website

Choose the backupset to restore from, in this case we are restoring from Backupset (Backup Job) Data

Select backup set to restore the data from












Below is the data from this backupset, in this case it was backing up D:\Data and all sub folders.

Browse the files to restore












Choose Date of the backup you what to restore from

Select the files to restore












Choose time of the backup you want to restore from (as per backup schedule), in this case the backup is set to run every two hours.

Select the restore date












Below The Data folder has been selected on the left, and all sub folder have automatically been selected to restore, also the version is the latest version from the Backup are chose to restore and the restoration location has been change to restore to the C:\

Select the restore timeClick start restore to begin restoration process


Click “Start Restore” when happy with the Selection, time of data, and location.

Click close when the backup finishes successfully













Restore Completed successfully and here are the files!

Restored data














The Restore Screen

Restore Screen













Menu Items


Show files as of Job

Radio button to display files available for restore as of which backup job.


Dropdown menu to select the date of a backup job (used with the [Show files as of Job] option).


Dropdown menu to select the time of a backup job (used with the [Show files as of Job] option).

Show all files

Radio button to display all files available for restore.


Click to open the filter option.


Click to delete the selected file from the backup server.
Important: Files will no longer be available for restore after they are deleted from the backup server.

Original location

Restore directories and files to their original location

Alternate location

Restore directories and files to an alternate location specified.


Click to change the directory path of the restore destination.

Restore file permissions

Checkbox to enable or disable restore of file permission.


Click to open the Search option.


Click to open advanced option:
Delete extra files - Click to synchronize the selected restore source with the restore destination during the restore process.
Follow Link – Click to restore link destination’s data.


Stages of a restore are outlined below:

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