Hard Drive Seeding

Seed Load Utility

If you have a lot of information to backup (usually more 20GB), backing up over the internet may not seem practical as it could take some time to complete due to limited bandwidth capacity.
But don't worry, you do have another option.

With the Seed Load Utility that comes with Quick Backup, you can simply run the initial backup to an external USB drive and then we copy the data directly to our primary Storage Array Network.

Once the Seed Load backup is loaded to the Quick Backup server, enabling the "In-file Delta" setting in the backup-set will speed up each subsequent backup and reduce the amount of bandwidth and disk storage required as ONLY the changed block of each file will be transferred over the internet during the backup.

For detailed information on how to run a Seed Load backup, please refer to chapter 7.3 of our Quick Backup user's guide.









Seed Load Encryption

Quick Backup offers users with large storage requirements the ability to seed load their backup data onto portable USB media such as USB hard drives and USB Flash memory and physically ship the media to Quick Backup to be seeded (loaded) on the servers. The seed load data is encrypted then compressed and loaded onto the portable drives using the same backup software that is used to transmit the data to the data centre via TCPIP.

For more information about our Hard Drive Seeding fill in the enquiry form in our contact area and we’ll make contact to discuss your needs. Alternatively, you can call our sales or support team

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