Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Cloud backup, Remote backup and Off-site backup?
There is actually not a very big difference between these terminologies. But the term Cloud Backup refers to a big picture where you can have a virtual private cloud i.e. server infrastructure. A cloud may have a private server or a network of more than one servers which can be backed up using Cloud backup method. The terms Remote backup and Off-site backup are exactly same and they both make use of same technology to backup your data. With QuickBackup, you get all three options in one package and then you decide whether you would like to backup your entire cloud.

If I have to backup data from two or more different computers, can I do this with one account?
By default the Quick Backup client application supports multiple computers or servers. Simply install the software onto each computer, laptop or server and setup a backupset for that machine.

Do I need to leave my computer logged in for the backup to run?
The Scheduler runs as a service and the computer, laptop or server, and only requires being turned on with an internet connection and does not need to be logged in as a user to perform the backup, but make sure your Desktop or Laptop does not go into power save shutdown such as “Sleep” or “Hibernate” mode.

How much storage space do I need to purchase?
Start by calculating the amount of data you want to backup. You can do this by either using Windows Explorer to find the sizes of the relevant files and folders, or by installing the backup software and running a trial. In the longer term, to ensure that you have enough space for storing previous versions, we recommend that you purchase approximately an additional 30% storage space that you calculated as your current requirement. If you aren’t sure, we can remote in for free and perform a count of your data and advise what plan will suit your needs.

Can anyone else access my data?
No, your data is encrypted with a key of your choosing. Your data never leaves your computer or server in unencrypted form. Your data cannot be read without the encryption key, which only you will know. Your encryption key is never transmitted to the datacentre. Even Quick Backups employees, including datacentre technicians, cannot access your data.

Is Online Backup Safe and Secure?
Yes, in most cases Online Backup is safer than traditional backup; it really depends on the quality of the backup provider. This is particularly true with Quick Backup as the data is encrypted using advanced encryption and your data cannot be read by anyone who does not have your decryption key, including Quick Backup personnel and the data is stored on high availability enterprise equipment.

What if a hard disk fails on the Quick Backup servers?
Quick Backup uses enterprise fault tolerant hard drives rate for more than 1,200,000 hours of continuous activity, but in the rare case of a disk failure all hard drives are in failure tolerant disk arrays (Raid 6) for storing customer data. The failure of a single or even multiple disks will not result in loss of customer data. In addition the entire storage array is replicated to an additional raid 6 storage array to ensure that your data will not be lost in the event of an array failure. If a catastrophic event occurs at the primary data centre all data is backed up to an offline tape backup. Additional replication to 2nd data centre is available to customers who choose to add this feature to their backup account.

How much technical know-how does it take to setup?
Almost none, we provide a free remote installation of the backup software and your account manager will monitor you backup activity too.  A basic knowledge of files systems is required to backup a laptop or desktop. I server backup requires more in depth understanding of the processes and applications running of the server, we are also happy to provide assistance to any installation and configuration.

Where will my data be stored?
Your data is stored in a world-class datacentre located Melbourne Australia an optional replication to Sydney is available to customer who choose to add this feature to their backup account.

Can I use the Computer/ Server while the backup is running?
Yes, your computers and servers will retain all its usual functionality during the backup process so you can continue your business without interruption. However you will likely notice a reduction in internet performance, however you will still be more than able to browse the internet and send and receive email and download.

Can I use the backup software while a backup is being performed?
Yes, your computers and servers will retain all its usual functionality during the backup process so you can continue your business without interruption. However you will likely notice a reduction in internet performance, however you will still be more than able to browse the internet and send and receive email and download.

How often do my files get backed up?
By default, Quick Backup will backup your data once a day between 9:00PM and 6:00AM. However, you can change the schedule to backup more or less frequently and you can also set the exact times that you want your files to be backed up.

Does every file get backed up?
No, only the files which have changed since the last backup are sent to the Quick Backup datacentre. This allows the backups to run much faster. There is no need to transmit files to the datacentre if an exact copy is already backed up. You also have control over which folders on your computer are backed up. By default Quick Backup will backup your documents and settings.

Can I backup my Outlook personal folders file (.PST) with Quick Backup?
Yes, absolutely. Outlook .PST files can grow quite large which makes them difficult to backup to CD's or other media. In addition, they usually contain valuable documents and information that should be backed up

How long are my files retained on Quick Backup?
Quick Backup retains your files for as long as you keep the account. The current versions of the files you backup are retained indefinitely. Files that you delete from your computer, or older versions of files that you have modified are retained according to a retention policy that you set. By default Quick Backup keeps files that you have deleted for 14 days. If you deleted a file by mistake then you have 14 days to recover it before Quick Backup will release the space. You can increase the number of days or jobs data is store in the retention policy. The longer the retention policy more the increased your space requirements on the Quick Backup storage systems uses over time.

How hard is it to restore my data if it gets lost?
Your data can be easily restored using the same Quick Backup software that is installed on your system to perform the backups. You can also restore your data from our website without any additional software on your system.

Does Quick Backup require a contract?
Quick Backup does not require a contract. You can cancel your account at anytime on our website in the account section. When your account is cancelled, the billing will stop immediately.

How will Backup Express affect the billing from my ISP?
Most Australian Internet service providers (ISPs) charge according to downloaded data only, so uploaded data is not metered and is free. In this case you will pay nothing to the ISP for the data uploaded to our server. Some ISPs will bill you for uploaded data if it exceeds a certain percentage of the downloaded data. In any case, most modern broadband plans include very generous data allowances, so in most cases this will not be a problem. If you do need advice on internet plans we’ll be happy to give you advice based on your needs.

What is the difference between Online Backup, Remote Backup, and Internet Backup?
It is not unusual for people to use the terms synonymously. There is no official definition of these terms. The definitions below are the most common and generally accepted meanings:
Online Backup

  1. A service that provides backup software and storage space specifically for the purpose of making backup copies of data to a data storage facility via the Internet.
  2. A backup method that allows data to be backed up while the application is currently in use.

Offsite Backup
Is a general term that refers to backup data being stored in a location that is separated from the location where the primary data is stored. In order for data to be off-site, it should be in a different building at a minimum, and ideally should be located in different facility at least a few miles away from the location where the computer and primary data are stored. The term offsite backup has been used for decades to describe the process of moving backup tapes to a secondary location for the purposes of disaster recovery in the event the primary location is destroyed or becomes inaccessible. With the advent of the Internet and online backup services, the term offsite backup is often used with the same meaning as online backup where data is copied off-site over a network.

Internet Backup
A service that provides backup software and storage space specifically for the purpose of making backup copies of data to a data storage facility via the Internet.

Online Storage

  1. Many ISPs allocate some amount of storage space on a server in the ISP's data centre for the use of their subscribers. The space can be used for email, websites, or file storage. However, online storage that is included with your Internet service does not usually include any software to copy, schedule, and manage your backup data.
  2. The term online-storage is also used by large data centres to describe storage that is immediately accessible by users, websites, and programs. For example: disk storage is online storage, and tape storage is offline storage. You may find that some online backup providers use the term online storage.

Remote Backup
The process of backing up data to a server in a alternate location. This term is often used synonymously with online backup services. Remote backup is often used within a corporation and is not necessarily a service.

Network Backup
The process of backup up data over a network to any media, including tape or disk. This term is mostly used internally by corporations who backup their own computers over their own WAN network using various software and media.

What are the advantages of Online Backup?
Online Backup with Quick Backup offers key several advantages over backing up files to tape, CD, or USB media. Here are a few:
No hardware or software costs - There is no need to purchase any hardware such as tape or disk drives.
Simple to setup - Online backup systems don't require as much setup and configuration as other systems that require hardware and backup media.

What are the payment options?
Payment is either Direct Debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

Why Do I have to go on direct debit or credit card, why not cheque or direct deposit?
Quick Backup offers its competitive rates, by efficient business operation processes. By not giving clients credit in terms of cheque or direct deposit payment, we can therefore reduce our accounting overheads by not spend time chasing missed or late payments, as a result we pass on savings to our customers.

How long it will take to upload my data?
Please contact our support team that can calculate your data and give you an estimate and seeding options.

How long are the historical backup's held for?
You live files are keep until your backup account is closed. Deleted and overwritten files are stored for the amount of time specified in your retention policy, click here for more information.

How can I restore my data?
Click How to Restore for more information

What happens if I do not want to sign up after the free trial? Will my data be deleted automatically?
Quick Backup provides a free 14 day backup account for the purpose of a commercial trial. Trial accounts may be removed without notice if either of the following conditions is true:

  1. The account has no backup data and is more than 14 days old
  2. The account has not had a backup job configured in 14 days.
  3. The account is not signed up after a total of 31 days.

Please note that you may not receive any warning prior to the removal of an inactive trial accounts. Quick Backup cannot be held responsible for backup data lost due to removal of a trial backup account.
It is the responsibility of the trial user to ensure the trial account is converted to a paid account before the trial backup account is deleted.

How is the initial backup performed eg. via disk?
The initial backup can be performed from the client software to a USB HD usually this is only done for backup accounts over 25GB, this way the data is compressed and encrypted format and is safe to send via registered courier service. There is no charge for this service.

Are subsequent backups incremental or deltas of the original back up?
You choose which you prefer, the default setting for the client software is incremental, our incremental changes are stored in the retention and can be used to restore a file from any date (inside the retention setting) in the exact state. I.e. you can restore a file that have been overwritten many times over a number of backups and restore each version as it was in each backup. File retention can be up to 10 years.

Do you support Continuous Data Protection ie. real time backups as well?
Yes we do, however this is not always recommended as it uses a large amount of retention storage and can use a lot of bandwidth and put additional pressure on a server, please ask if you are interested in the feature and we can guide you through this without risking quotas and slowing your server as there are many scheduling alternatives.   

Do you support local backups as well as offsite backups?
Yes our Advanced Edition will also backup to a local or network storage, this backup is compressed and encrypted and the encryption key is required to restore this data.

Can backups occur even when the systems are in use?
Yes the backup can perform at any time there however will be a noticeable different in internet performance during the backup, but you can still backup and browse the web or access email during the backup process. Most customers backup at lunchtime and do a second backup during the evening. We would be happy to explain what the best practice for your business is.

Can individual files be restored?
Yes or course, you can restore individual files or folders from the client software on the server or from a web browser to any location (256bit encryption key is required) free of charge.

How is a full restoration handled? (e.g. data downloaded to disk and shipped?)
Depending on the size of the data and how fast your internet connection is, most uses with less than 50GB can down there data faster than it takes to receive a USB HD, however for large restorations we can send the data back on a USB hard drive.

Are you able to provide remote access support?
We provide free support and training via telephone, live chat and remote access

What are you support hours and how is support provided eg. phone, email?
We provide free support via telephone, live chat and remote access during business hours (8:00am -  6:00pm Monday to Friday), and offer telephone and remote access support 24/7 but is charged @ $25 per 15 minutes outside business hours and on national public holidays.

What if I have an emergency after 6pm?
If you have an issue with your Quick Backup service and need help outside the hours of 8am and 6pm - then we do offer an Emergency Support facility. This service is for serious data loss or hardware failure incidents that need urgent attention. Call 02 8094 1245, you will speak either to one of our operators who will take your name and some of your company details. This information will be passed directly to our on-call engineer who will contact you to offer support. Please note that the Emergency Support service is not for minor troubleshooting incidents. If you do have an issue that you identify outside of normal Support Team hours please email Your issue will then be prioritised for resolution.

Are there any recovery charges?
No charge to restore from the client software or via the internet; however for a full restoration to a USB HD we do charge a delivery fee click here to see details.

Are there additional fees for multiple computers?
The Quick Backup client software allows multiple computers or servers on the same account at no additional account cost (except storage used), we do charge to separate these to multiple accounts if you would like, we would be happy to explain the options to you.

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