Microsoft Exchange Backup

Quick Backup can backup your Microsoft Exchange Mail Server!

Backup and restore Microsoft Exchange both the complete information store and additional protection with a Mail Level backup.

If something happens to your Microsoft Exchange server, you can restore the whole backed up Exchange information store for a complete recovery to its original host server. Alternatively, you can manually restore the components of an exchange user’s mailbox, e.g. restoration of an individual mail message and deleted folder.

Supported versions

Microsoft Exchange Version Bit

Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 & 2003

32 Bit

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

64 Bit

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

64 Bit


Backupset Types

Backup Type Description

MS Exchange Server

Backup set type for backup of Microsoft Exchange server.

MS Exchange Mail Level

Backup set type for backup of individual emails (brick level backup).


Information Store Backup

Exchange Server stores all emails and documents inside its databases, which are grouped together as storage groups inside Microsoft Information Store. It is important that Microsoft Information Store is fully backed up when backing up your Exchange Server.

A Microsoft Exchange Server stores its data in Windows Active Directory as well as in its databases. To fully backup a Microsoft Exchange Server, you need to backup the following components










Mail Level Backup (Brick level)

Exchange Brick-Level Backup features to backup individual items (e.g. contacts, mails) stored in your Microsoft Exchange Server allowing you to restore them back to your Microsoft Exchange Server from the backup, without restoring your computer Exchange information store.

Brick-Level Backup for Microsoft Exchange Server is not designed to fully protect an Exchange Server, but to facilitate easy backup and fast restore of individual emails, contacts, calendars, tasks etc. The Brick-Level Restore cannot fully recover the Information Store after a disaster. If used, a Brick-Level Backup must be utilised in conjunction with full Information Store Backup, in order to fully protect the Exchange Server.









Windows System State

The Windows System State contains the information about your Windows System, including Windows Active Directory. A Microsoft Exchange Server stores some of its configuration, e.g. email accounts and mailbox properties, inside Windows Active Directory. It is important that Windows Active Directory is backed up properly when backing up a Microsoft Exchange Server.

Active Directory is stored inside a Windows Server running as Windows domain controller. If your Exchange Server is a domain controller, you can simply backup the Windows System State of your Exchange Server. If your Exchange Server is running as a member server, you will need to install another copy of Quick Backup client onto the domain controller to backup the Windows System State of the domain controller.

Requirements and Recommendations

Data from Microsoft Exchange Server will be backed up to a temporary directory before they are sent to Quick Backup. Please make sure you have sufficient space on your computer to store these data when you run the backup job.

The backup client computer is running on:

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