Should You Use Wireless Peripherals?

Wireless, or cordless, mouses and keyboards are a great way to reduce the clutter in your workspace. Aesthetically, wired peripherals look bulkier and cumbersome compared to their cable-free companions. Wireless pieces are easy to pack away and don't restrict you from moving around your work space. 

Cordless keyboards and mouses can even provide health advantages. Using a wireless keyboard makes it easy to set up your desk with ergonomics in mind - you can sit as far back from your computer screen as possible and adjust the height of your keyboard and mouse independently.

The main downside to using wireless peripherals is the cost. The initial price is often twice, or three times that of a conventional keyboard or mouse, and as they run on batteries rather than your computer's power supply, they can be an on-going costly investment.

Response times for wireless peripherals are getting better but still aren't as fast as conventional keyboards and mouses.  If you're a serious gamer, a cordless keyboard will do nothing but slow you down and give you a great disadvantage, especially if you are playing multiplayer games online. Wireless mouses still have terrible accuracy that does not lend itself to playing first-person shooters, or doing any visual art or graphic design work. If you are committed to being cable-free but want the fastest response time and decent accuracy, expect to find a hefty price tag on any wireless peripherals you look at.

There are two types of keyboards available: Split Key and regular. Split Key keyboards are ergonomic and are designed to allow the user to rest their arms in their optimum position to reduce risk of RSI. Regular keyboards are the types found with most computers – a simple rectangle with no curve to the key structure.

Wireless mouses also come in two types – wheel and optical. Optical mouses are more accurate and can be used on a variety of surfaces, while wheel mouses require a mouse-pad and need the contacts around the mouseball to be cleaned regularly.

If you choose to go wireless, you will find decent savings if you buy your keyboard and mouse in a bundle. A great way to compare these type of products online is a shopping comparison site like GetPrice, compare prices from hundreds of retailers at 

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