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Easily create PDFs with this free tool

PDF files have become the most popular file format to send documents to others via email or the web. The main reason is that the file is "portable" meaning you don't need a specific program (like Microsoft Word) or specific operating system to open it, therefore assuring the recipient will be able to open it.

At the Quick Backup headquarters we use a free software tool to easily create our PDF files. You can basically create a file in any program you wish (Word, Excel, Photoshop etc) and print it to a PDF. This will create a new PDF file from the original.

The software is called Primo PDF and you can download it here.

Save time with our online backup manager

Quick Backup is a backup manager that automates the process of backing up your important computer files.

At New Business Media we decided to create Quick Backup after seeing first hand the unwillingness for small business to implement a backup procedure. Our researched showed that although small business realised the importance of it they generally failed to implement a solid backup system. The main reasons for this were found to be the lack of time and technical knowledge.

Most businesses simply didnít backup or if they did used a manual process where a person in the business would transfer files onto a USB drive or CD. This should then have been done every day and also taken off site to another location, however again it was found that the time involved with this process meant it wasnít done as regularly as required.

That was our aim with Quick Backup, to be an automatic online backup manager that alleviated this problem as there no time involved from the business owner. Once it set you can forget, yet be reassured your important files are protected.

Find your computer files faster

Can't remember where you saved that file you now need? Google Desktop is a like a search engine for your own computer. Simply type the filename or words contained in the file and it will return a list of files from your whole computer within seconds. It works with all file types such as documents, photos and emails.

Itís a great free tool that we at Quick Backup find very handy.

Download here.

How to fix a slow computer

Over time your may notice your computer slows down and can take a while to load and start programs.

Hereís a few quick tips for things you can do yourself that may help speed up your computer.

Firstly, remember to backup your important files
Sign up for a free trial with Quick Backup if youíre not a customer already

Clear some space on your hard drive
Delete any unnecessary and temporary files and clear your recycling bin

Uninstall unused programs
In the Control Panel, open Add or Remove Programs and uninstall any software programs you donít use

Run a anti virus and anti spyware scan
See our previous article for more info on this

Switch your internet browser to Google Chrome
Chrome is Googleís new web browsers and its much faster then Internet Explore, download here

Change to a simple graphical theme for Windows
In the Control Panel, open Display then goto the Appearance tab, change Windows and buttons to Windows Classic Style

Advanced Options
Other then the above you may want to install more RAM in your computer, possibly reformat or upgrade other hardware. You should ask your local computer shop for advice with this.

Protect your computer with anti virus and anti spyware

It's important to ensure you have anti virus and anti spyware software installed on your computer.

An anti virus program will help protect your PC from worms, viruses, trojan horses, and other unwelcome programs that can harm your computer. Anti spyware removes unwanted advertising and spam from your computer.

The important thing to remember about is to keep them updated regularly so your computer can identify the latest threats.

There are numerous programs available for Windows, of which Microsoft recommends a list of vendors here.

Free versions are also available that offer a good level of protection; such as†AdAware and AVG

Quick Backup featured in Queensland Business Acumen magazine

Quick Backup owners Adam Pasfield and Wez Bryett were recently interviewed by Aldwyn Altuney from Queensland Business Acumen magazine, the article was featured in the November/December issue.

Here's a snippet:

"An innovative product called Quick Backup from award winning company New Business Media could save business owners an estimated $5000 in lost data costs from computer crashes. Quick Backup ensures a company's valuable files are secure and available off-site, protecting a business from lost productivity caused by computer malfunction, viruses and other unforeseen circumstances."

Click here to read the full article.

New Storage Device (in 1980)

If you wanted to store 2GB of data in 1980 this latest device would only cost $150,000 and could be transported easily with a weight of 32kgs.... Luckily we've come a long way.

Why you need automatic backup

Good Backup Is Essential

No matter what kind of computer you use, and regardless of whether you are an individual user or a representative of an organization, proper storage and backup of data will be a matter of concern to you. Data loss for whatever reason can have a crippling effect, and can cost you a lot of time and money, not to mention the damage caused by the loss of irretrievable data. A ready solution can be found at, where you can get an automated backup solution. Such a backup solution is easy to use. Automating your data backup is an excellent way to recover data in case of loss.

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The benefits of a online data backup system

Have you been worried about possible damage to, and loss of your important data? This is something that corporations and busineses should have high on their priority lists. An increasingly popular way of keeping corporate data safe is to use an online secure data backup system. There are several advantages to following such a policy, regardless of whether your information is of a personal nature, or it is data used for your organisation and its customers.

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